Mobile Phone Photography Tricks + Tips!

The best moments are captured with the camera on your phone! I partnered with @SamsungMobileUSA to create this week's video captured entirely #withGalaxy Note9. The S Pen is a game changer, giving me the ability to animate text and drawings. It also works as a remote to help take couple photos and self-portraits! Hereโ€™s the full set below!

Aditi Harish - photochallengebf.jpg
Aditi Harish - 20190112_154121.jpg
Aditi Harish - 20190112_154040.jpg


Aditi Harish - 20190112_144618.jpg
Aditi Harish - 20190113_120856.jpg


Aditi Harish - 20190112_143754.jpg
Aditi Harish - 20190113_124522.jpg
Aditi Harish - 20190113_124118.jpg


Aditi Harish - 20190112_152120.jpg
Aditi Harish - 20190112_150512.jpg
Aditi Harish - 20190112_172202.jpg
Aditi Harish - phonepics.jpg

Who do you think won the photo challenge? Comment below!

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