How to Find Your Personal Style

Over the years my style has transformed and evolved. Now I want to help you find your signature style for 2019. Here are 8 steps to finding your aesthetic and fashion sense. Let’s find a wardrobe that fuels your creativity! Be sure to check out the full video on my YouTube channel with my good friend Bruna Vieira.

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1. Mood
Growing up I was extremely introverted and I used fashion to express myself. It gave me an easy way to start a conversation and to make friends.

Ally Chen Personal Style

2. Functionality of Clothes
Dressing for comfort or functionality for specific activities. For example, if you enjoy staying active or running, invest in high quality athletic gear from Lululemon or Alo Yoga.

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3. Pick a color palette
Find 2-3 colors that pop and stand out to you. I personally love neutrals with a pop of pink. I also love denim and occasionally adding red into my wardrobe around the holidays.

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4. Find inspirational style icons
I personally love Instagram or Pinterest. You can discover bloggers around the world using hashtags such as #sfbloggers, #nycblogger, or #petitestyle. What are some of your favorite hashtags?
You can find inspiration from characters in books, music videos, or murals in your city.

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5. Use your intuition to find your personal style
When you are shopping for your new wardrobe or editing your current closet, ask your self if the style feels comfortable. If the style feels uncomfortable or doesn’t “look” right, don’t wear it. You don’t have to dress in skin tight clothing if it makes you self-conscious in a bad way! You should wear the clothes, and not let the clothes wear you!


6. Personalize with accessories
Show off your style with jewelry, hats, shoes, or purses. You can even find your signature style through your hair, nails, or makeup! This is probably the easiest way to subtly experiment with new looks.

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7. Standard styles: classic, vintage, casual, Menswear, trendy, glamorous, colorful - how do you want to be described?

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8. Examine your current style transformation.


1. Pick a few adjectives to describe yourself. And try to match it with clothing that exudes that feeling. Example: Feeling bubbly - colorful.

Thanks for reading,

Ally Chen