Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Him with Cloud 9 Living

how-to-fly-a-plane-blog-postimg_3406With Valentine's Day being less than a month away, I want to share an amazing gift that you can give to your significant other. I surprised my boyfriend with a Learn to Fly Bay Tour from Cloud 9 Living, a private plane lesson from San Jose to San Francisco with a FAA licensed private instructor. I'm actually afraid of heights but I couldn't pass up the beautiful scenic tour of San Francisco. It's definitely one of the best experiences we've had together, Scott absolutely loved it!

We drove down from San Francisco to San Jose and arrived at Aerodynamics Aviation by noon. Our flight instructor had over 28 years of experience flying and was extremely friendly. The entire lesson and tour lasted about an hour and a half. There is no experience needed prior to this lesson. He explained the safety procedures and made us feel very safe. He allowed Scott to take off the plane. Even though there was a bit of turbulence while we were flying over Half Moon Bay, Scott handled it like a professional. He stayed calm and the instructor took control of the plane right away.

What I Worefullsizerender-37I was really lucky to experience warmer weather in San Jose, CA. A cool 60's called for a satin halter top and wide legged pants. I brought my suede coat onto the plane because it was a bit chilly. Be sure to wear layers and comfy shoes. img_3478Hiring a photographer? There really is no need to hire a photographer, just bring your phone or camera. Enjoy the experience of being in a small plane. Again, our instructor was extremely friendly and pointed out several monuments. We saw the beautiful coast of Half Moon Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, The Ferry Building, and the entire 7x7 of San Francisco. Our instructor gave us ample time to take selfies by the Golden Gate Bridge! I shot these photos on my Canon T6i and iPhone 6s. _mg_8617_mg_8590_mg_8598_mg_8609_mg_8586Rescheduling because of the Weather With the weather in San Francisco being very moody and unpredictable during January, we had to reschedule due to the rainy conditions. The customer service at Cloud 9 was very helpful with rescheduling. I also recommend booking at least 2 weeks prior to your desired date and try choosing an afternoon time, its honestly the best time to catch the sunset. Afternoon time slots seemed to sell out quicker. Cloud 9 Living has a lot of amazing experiences that are perfect for thrill seekers. Scott even landed the plane without any bumps. I'm pretty sure Scott has found his new hobby for 2017! Special thank you to Cloud 9 Living for collaborating with me on this fun project!

Watch the video I made: AllyChen_SignatureThis post was made in partnership with Cloud 9 Living.