Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge :: 5 Pose Ideas

I received a lot of positive response to my "How to Pose" video and decided to try the Ugly Location Challenge! I travelled from San Francisco to an LA college campus to film this video! Here's 5 unconventional locations to do a photoshoot!

Ugly Location Challenge FashionbyAlly

1. Parking Lot

Ugly Location Challenge Parking Lot FashionbyAlly Blog

Find a wall that matches your outfit or a scenic view of the city!

2. Dorm Room Common Area

How to Pose with Citrus Fruits FashionbyAlly

Colorful couches can be a fun way to play around with color!

3. Construction Site

How to Pose at a Construction Site FashionbyAlly

A construction site can be a great backdrop for a unique photo!

4. Target 

How to Pose at Target FashionbyAlly

I basically live at Target, why not commemorate with a portrait photo!

5. Laundromat

How to Pose at a Laundromat FashionbyAlly

It's la la laundry day! Break out the bubbles and your camera for an impromptu photoshoot.

How did I do on this challenge? Which location was the most surprising? Comment below!

- Ally

Photography by Aditi Harish

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