How to Pose for Photos Like a Model - 9 Pose Ideas!

Honestly, I struggle with major insecurities of not looking like a traditional model. I used to pick apart every single photo and hated being in front of the camera. I was super shy about being photographed! Standing at only almost 5’3”, clothing never really fit properly, my Asian eyes always looked like I was squinting in every photo, having hair on my arms didn’t help. 😶I’m so excited to collaborate with my friend Ann Le to share 9 tips on how to pose with confidence like a model!

how to pose fashionbyally

It’s not about hiding what you have and not embracing your imperfections but we should all be able to enjoy our photo moments!

  1. How to look taller!

If you’re interested in looking longer and leaner in photos, opt to put one foot in front of the other. Try to extend your arms rather than holding them close to your body.

Summer Lo - _MGS0060.jpg

2. Want to look more curvy?


If you want to appear curvier, bring one arm forward. I usually try to avoid placing both hands on my hips. This generally looks very posey and stiff. Whereas, gently placing one arm in front and one behind looks more natural and confident.

3. Sitting Down

When sitting down, avoid crossing your legs and sitting straight towards the camera. Generally I like to sit at a 45 degree angle from the camera with one foot in front of the other. This is generally the most natural seated pose.

Summer Lo - _MGS0115.jpg

4. Bright Eyes

One of my biggest insecurities, are my eyes. I typically feel very self-conscious about my eyes appearing small in photos. To make your eyes look brighter, look into the direction of the sun or light. Another tip is to use hair accessories that bring an emphasis to your eye area. Flowers, hair clips, or eye makeup are great ways to enhance your natural features.


For more pose ideas for instagram, check out my video below!