Easy and Quick Hairstyles for Back to School 2018!

Back to School season is upon us! My favorite aspect of going back to school was buying new school supplies, putting together stylish outfits, and trying new hairstyles! These 5 hairstyles are perfect for textured medium to long length hair. I hope these looks can help ace your back to school style! It would mean a lot if you could share this post with a friend on social media!

Bandana :: Madewell

Bandana :: Nordstrom

BTS School .jpg

Monday: Half Up & Half Down


Tuesday: French Braided


Wednesday: Space Buns

Aditi Harish - _MGL2387.jpg

Thursday: Wavy Side-Braided Hairstyle

Aditi Harish - _MGL2398.jpg
Aditi Harish - _MGL2397.jpg

Friday: Flower Child


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Good luck going back to school!

- Ally 

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