How to Look Good on a Budget!

When I was in college, struggling to balance my student loans while paying rent, I discovered a few tricks to great style on a small budget. There are a few ways to cut back on your spending, so you can add to your wardrobe without struggling financially. 

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1. Balancing Proportions

Have you ever shopped in the sale section to find a gorgeous top, but it’s was not in your size? Have a Tim Gunn "make it work" moment! Pair loose tops with tight fitting bottoms to balance the proportions.

2. From Cheap to Expensive Fast

Wrinkles in clothing can instantly cheapen an article of clothing, regardless of the price point. A $200 shirt will look inexpensive if it has wrinkles and kinks. Invest in a great steamer and take time to iron out the wrinkles in your clothing. This instantly makes you look more polished and put together.

3. Know Your Measurements

Shopping the sale section in person can be quite messy and time consuming if done wrong. Avoid the stores and shop online! However, sizing can vary across brands online. "Am I an XS, Medium or a size 2, 4, 12?" "How will you know if the item will fit or not?" Know your measurements to speed up the shopping process. Save your bust, waist, and hip measurements in a note app on your phone.

4. Fitne$$ Apparel

You can upgrade your athletic apparel by choosing marled knit fabrics that look more expensive than solids. Another great website to purchase athletic clothing is 

5. Invest in Accessories

Rather than purchasing new clothing, try Investing in quality accessories that will last beyond Spring.  Details to look into are espadrille sneakers, mustard leather accents, and timeless styles like mules.

6. Style Swap

Shop a friend or family member’s closet! Find cool vintage pieces in your family member’s closet to mix and match with current trends. My grandma has an assortment of oversize chunky knits and floral tops. With a few simple alterations, and styling with modern pieces, I was able to create a few unique outfits without spending any money.


These were my top 6 tips to look good on a budget! Share this article with a friend and comment below your future blog requests. Have a great day!
- Ally