How to Edit YouTube Videos! 10 Step Tutorial!

53 million views. Wow, that's a lot of eye balls! After creating hundreds of YouTube videos with several going viral, I thought it was time to share my best kept secrets. With the power of the internet and YouTube, I was able to learn how to edit my own videos. Here's 10 simple steps to creating a successful YouTube video!

10-Step Guide to Edit a Video on Final Cut Pro X

1. Start a New Project
- Libraries > Events > Projects

2. Video Resolution for YouTube or Instagram
- YouTube: 1280 x 1920
- Instagram Square: 1080 x 1080 and Portrait: 1080 x 1350
- Vertical Video: 1080 x 1920

3. Import Videos and leave files in place
- Final Cut Pro likes to save duplicate files. When Importing files, click "Leave in place". 

4. Create a rough cut. Use solid background as dividers.
- I can sort through hours of footage and it's honestly a headache. Creating visible dividers between each section of the video helps managing the editing task more enjoyable. Every video has an intro, tutorial, outro, and outro card.

5. Find Music - Epidemic Sound Music Library.
30-Day Free Trial of Epidemic Sound here.
- Search by Staff Picks, Mood, Genre, Tempo, etc.
- Save STEM files such as instrumentals. This is AMAZING if you film tutorials and want music to enhance your video. Music with vocals is great if you're making a look book or travel vlog.

6. Keyboard Short Cuts for Final Cut.
Command 6 = Color Board
B = Cut
Space Bar = Play video on timeline
Pinch in to zoom in and pinch out to zoom out of timeline
V = Hide clip

7. Add Graphics. Make your own!
Add similar text and fonts to create a branded look for your videos. White text with black outline is generally the best and easiest to read. 

Oh the struggle of NO SPACE! Video files are generally large in size. If you ever run out of space, Delete Generated Unused Files.

9. Upload directly to YouTube via Final Cut Pro
- Share you masterpiece directly to YouTube. Skip saving (if you're out of space) and directly upload to your favorite social platform!

10. Save videos on a hard drive + online storage solution.
- ALWAYS back up your masterpiece on a hard drive or online storage solution like Dropbox.

Thanks for reading! Please leave any additional questions below!

- Ally