6 Simple Fall Clothing Hacks Every Girl Must Know!


Fall is one of my favorite seasons of year to experiment with new styles and trends. However, sweaters and coats can be quite expensive! Here's 6 simple Fall clothing hacks every girl needs to know to save money.WhiteSweater-Dress

  1. Oversized Sweaters Extend the wear of holiday dressed with oversized sweaters. White Sweater [Size S, $35] http://bit.ly/2z1W8sl Blue Ruffle Dress [Size S, $89 ] http://bit.ly/2lmIb1W Similar: http://bit.ly/2z0TyCM Strap Heels: http://bit.ly/2h2ufJc
  2. Versatile Cardigan Flip your cardigan upside down for a cropped style or wear it backwards to a low back look. Maroon Chenille Cardigan [Size XS, $30] http://bit.ly/2gPy6t5 Similar: http://bit.ly/2gPJgxM White Crop Top [Size S, $39]: http://bit.ly/2ybfJpL
  3. DIY Wrap Sweater Wear your oversized cardigan wrapped around the body for a new look. White Cardigan similar [Size S, $30] http://bit.ly/2z1KVaO
  4. DIY Off-Shoulder Sweater Wear a cardigan backwards and pin together for an off-shoulder look. Maroon Chenille Cardigan [Size XS, $30] http://bit.ly/2gPy6t5
  5. Tall Boots for Short Girls Instantly make tall boots work for petite or short girls by tucking it in.Β  Square Toe Over the Knee Boots [Size 9, $80] http://bit.ly/2z3u6MI Flat Over the Knee Boots [Size 9, $60] http://bit.ly/2z4mAB0 Similar [Mushroom Color] http://bit.ly/2z3s4fv
  6. Itchy Fall / Winter Sweaters Itchy and uncomfortable knits are the worst! Wear a thin cotton mock-neck underneath an itchy sweater. White Cable Knit Sweater [Size S] http://bit.ly/2z2CoUU

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Thanks for reading! Which hack was your favorite? AllyChen_Signature