33 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it's the one night you can dress up as whatever you want to be. Whether you're feeling extra sassy, whimsical, or brave, you can channel your new personality for the night. I came up with 33 last-minute Halloween costumes from clothing from my closet. With a few easy to find materials, I was able to transform my clothes into a fun costume! Here are a few of my favorites from the video:overalls_halloween_costumes_fashionbyallymagical-halloween-costume-ideas-fashionbyallyanimals-halloween-costume-ideas-fashionbyallycartoon-disney-halloween-costume-ideas-fashionbyally https://youtu.be/PvJOuC3uId4

halloween_costume_fashionbyally35 Thank you for reading! AllyChen_Signature