DIY Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Recipes!

Ugh, we're all sleep deprived these days! Why wake up early and make breakfast when you can sleep in for an extra 5 more minutes?! Well, I find that if I skip breakfast, I feel extremely slow and sluggish throughout the day. Worst of all, I end up over eating at lunch! Here's 5 easy and healthy breakfast and lunch for school or work inspired by BuzzFeed and Pinterest! Enjoy!

DIY 1. Acai Bowl An Instagram Story worthy breakfast! IMG_9807- Combine in blender: 2 frozen Acai Superfood packets, 1/2 banana, 3-4 frozen strawberries, and 1/4 cup soy milk. - Blend and top with figs, strawberries, blue berries, golden kiwi, chia seeds, and coconut flakes.

DIY 2. Easy Fruit Pastry My easy way to upgrade any store bought pastry. Breakfast-Ideas-FashionbyAlly- Transform your store bought pastries with fresh fruit - Add sliced strawberry and kiwi

DIY 3. Bell Pepper Salad A flavorful side packed with Vitamin A and lots of fiber! Bell-Pepper-Salad-FashionbyAlly- Cut red and green bell peppers - Marinade in 1/2 tbsp of sesame oil - Shake and serve

DIY 4. Avocado Pesto "Pasta" Vegetables noodles are an easy, fun, and delicious way to sneak extra fiber into your diet! Avocado-Pesto-Voodles-Recipe- Combine in blender: 1 cup fresh basil, 1/4 cup pine nuts, 1 ripe Hass Avocado, 1 tsp water, optional 1 tsp olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Makes about 2 cups of Avocado Pesto sauce. - Spiralize 2-3 cucumbers and cook to desired tenderness. (the Spiralizer I used: here) - Cook vegetable noodles over high heat for 3-4 minutes and combine with sauce. Serve and enjoy right away to avoid oxidation of sauce because of avocado.

DIY 5. Tilapia n' Mango Salsa Make lunch colorful and festive with this light and flavorful tilapia dish! DIY-Tilapia-Mango-Salsa-Recipe-FashionybyAlly- Marinade 3 ounces of Tilapia with salt and pepper for 10 minutes. - Cook until golden brown about 5-8 minutes on medium heat. - Mango Pico De Gallo: Combine 1/2 cup mango diced, 1 cup tomato, cilantro, onion, squeeze lemon juice, and salt + pepper to taste. - Top fish with a side of avocado.

What are your thoughts on the whole Spiralized noodle trend? Thanks for reading! AllyChen_Signature