11 Life Hacks You Need to Try 2016!


Here are 11 life hacks that you might have never heard of before, perfect for festival season or traveling! These tips will save you time, money, and a lot of frustration! Which hack is your favorite?

  1. Schedule Instagram Posts by turning on airplane mode. Write out the caption and have it saved and ready to post in an "unlisted" format. (credit: AsideofSweet)
  2. Drop a pin on the Maps App to find your car or friends quickly.
  3. Use www.StaTravel.com to get the cheapest airplane tickets.
  4. DIY choker necklace from a shoe lace.
  5. Use a Moments Lens to take a wide angle photos.
  6. Remove flash tattoos quickly with rubbing alcohol.
  7. Wear false lashes to prevent smudges.
  8. DIY peel off makeup tattoos with glue and food coloring.
  9. Remove ingrown hair without scarring with pimple cream.
  10. Flash tattoos as nail decal.
  11. Use a hair tie to hold your keys!